It’s Earth Day!

Doing global Ho’oponopono inspired Prayers and intentions for Earth Day is a great idea (thanks to UPLIFT for the article it musically inspired me and might be a powerful experience for more. I’m writing in english so that hopefully many people can read this. 

I came across Ho’oponopono just recently and I took it straight to the piano because of the immediate energy that I felt from the amazing Hawaiian ancient wisdom and teachings. I started chanting the word. Chords and rhythms came to mind that felt great and made me play and sing the word in circles and for more than an hour.

I also felt a great impulse to do it in a group and combine the singing with a simple rhythm exercise, that increases the effects of feeling connectedness.

For that you just split any group in two or simple do it with just one more person. Have the left side clapping a double stroke (clap-clap) with the right side waiting.

Then the right side clapping a responding second double stroke (clap-clap) to the left side.

The left side is again responding and it continues vice versa.

Start it slowly and speed up till if you end up doing a constant left-left-right-right-left-left-right-right… rhythm.

You can watch an introduction video at But before let me explain what makes that additional exercise so powerful.

In this exercise every person is doing a combination of playing (the own double clap) and listening (to the double clap of the remote group).

Playing an listening.

Focus and Openness.

Loudness and silence.

Performing and stopping.

Inner and outer harmony.

Yin and Yang…

It’s all about balance.

It is that simple exercise that holds so many strong messages about yourself and interacting with others. The balance between doing your clapping task AND recognizing the world that surrounds you in parallel keeps you and the rhythm in sync. Otherwise, if things drift away, it is like the world is breaking apart if we don’t find balance between doing and watching what our doing does to the planet. In this simple exercise all positive habits are executed and trained subconsciously that provide balance in our day-to-day live.

Here you can watch the video that introduces the chords a backing rhythm, the clapping exercise the singing of ho’oponopono together with my daughter Jasmin this afternoon in our backyard. Thanks to her for stepping in so spontaneously 🙂

And here you can get to the free song for doing it with any group you like today during the Earth Day and beyond.


For those who want to read the original UPLIFT Article about Ho’oponopono please refer to this page:

Kind regards, Matthias

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